If you need help getting your Digital Signage running please download our remote support tool which enables us to remotely connect to your device to setup or troubleshoot issues.

Step 1
Click the download button to download the software. Once downloaded open the file to begin the installation process.

Step 2
When you see this popup click Next.

Step 3
Select "Company / Commercial Use", Click Next

Step 4
Check the box next to "I Agree to the terms of this License Agreement". Click Next.

Step 5
When "Setup unattended access" shows up please select Next.

Step 6
When it asks you to Define a personal password please do the following. For computer name please enter your Brand, Store Identifier, and Display. Please enter a password and matching confirmation password and click Next.

Step 7
Click "Finish"

Step 8
Click "Allow and finish"

Step 9
When you get this popup with your ID and Password, please click the "Gear" icon on the right side.

Step 10
Please click on "Security" on the left side.

Step 11
Check the box next to "Grant Support, SignSimple LLC easy access". It is located next to the blue light bulb. Click Next.

Step 12
Please email "Your ID" and "Password" to support@signsimple.com, and then we can get your Digital Signage setup for you.


SignSimple is web based digital signage software that runs on commonly available non proprietary hardware. We make creating and managing digital signage simple.