Download and install this application on your windows computer to display your digital signage.

Step 1
Click the download button to download the software. Once downloaded open the file to begin the installation process.

Step 2
If you see this popup click "More Info"

Step 3
If you see this then click "Run Anyway"

Step 4
When you see this popup click "Next".

Step 5
When you see this popup click "Next".

Step 6
When you see this popup click "Install".

Step 7
Important: Once you startup Kiosk it will display in full screen. To close Kiosk press "alt" + "F4". If that does not work, press "ctrl" + "alt" + "delete" then click "Task Manger" then click on "Launch any URL as full screen kiosk" and press "End Task" button. Please read the rest of the setup instructions before proceeding.

When you see this popup click "Finish".

Step 8
The installation is complete. The next screen will enable you to setup your signage. Please enter your "SignSimple URL" and click Save & Restart. Your signage should start running.

Setup Complete!

More Information Below

Signage not displaying properly?
If you see a black screen saying the URL has not been configured that means you typed in the wrong SignSimple URL.

To fix type "Ctrl" + "a" and type in the username "admin" and the password "admin". Then fix the URL and click Save & Restart

Other Important Windows Settings


SignSimple is web based digital signage software that runs on commonly available non proprietary hardware. We make creating and managing digital signage simple.